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New Album: Fernando Sor Studies

In Music on November 13, 2012 at 8:27 am

I’m delighted to announce my new album:

Fernando Sor: The Art Of The 19th-Century Guitar, Volume 1

This recording is devoted to 32 of my favourite studies by this towering genius of the early 19th-century classical guitar. It is a download-only album, available from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby: – where you can hear excerpts.

I use a modern copy of the type of guitar favoured by Sor, a Lacote by Michael Nalysnyk of, using gut and silk strings by Aquila-Corde, specially formulated for the early 19th-century repertoire.

I have also tried to get as close as possible to the technique outlined by Sor in his Method.

Not familiar with Fernando Sor? Think Mozart and Schubert, with a Spanish-French influence…

The album is set at a low price, and once downloaded can be played on your computer, iPad, phone, or burned to a CD. The CD Baby page includes Programme Notes.

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  1. Rob,
    planning to come to Edinburgh in later March. If I do, I plan to bring the Harp Lute (or send beforehand, but will bring the music with me). Will you be around from about 18th March or so? (Have just upgraded hard drive and not all saved contact details survived!!! Very annoying).
    Ian Grant.

  2. Just discovering your work on
    YouTube. Bought uke book. Admire your unique path. Question: is there a problem with GCEA tuning on a baritone uke?

    Looking forward to more of your work.


    • Thanks, Jerald.
      Baritone ukes have a longer string length, and you would break a normal set of strings by tuning them so high. I tune my baritone to the same pitches as a guitar: DGBE, with the D being a low note.
      Hope that helps.


  3. Ma(s)te(r) Rob ;o),

    how could one like you not know Aquila strings?
    I’ll be glad to buy and learn from your Sor Studies, as soon as I’ve ‘fed’ my prepaid card connected with my Paypal account or got the requested credit card to operate on Amazon…
    Greeting to ‘braveharts’ from Italy ;o)…

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