The Deering Eagle II Plectrum Banjo

I think this is a beautiful plectrum banjo – one which looks forward while acknowledging the heritage. The plectrum banjo itself is beginning to raise its head again, with more players looking into its possibilities, both for playing old music and also forging a new identity. The Deering Eagle II plectrum banjo seems to me to be perfectly timed and placed to lead the resurgence of the plectrum banjo.

I will dedicate this page to my plectrum banjo studies, videos and scores. Please don’t ask me for things I don’t give here freely. I’ll give what I can in the time I have available to do so.

I also teach via Skype or FaceTime, should you wish to take this further. See my teaching page:

Many of the pieces can be heard on my free album:

Lazy Rhythm by Bert Bassett

Ballad No.1 by Alfred Cammeyer (arranged MacKillop) and “Dance” from Arthur Black’s Method for the Plectrum Banjo

Albumblatt by Alfred Cammeyer (arranged MacKillop) – ‘Albumblatt’ refers to a piece of music in a sheet-music album

Flirtation, by Bud Cross (1919)

Sparklets by Walter Miles (1919)

A wind band performance of Sparklets:

Nocturne in Eb by Fred Chopin

Juanita and Ballade from “Moyer’s Superior Method for Plectrum Banjo”

Waltz in Eb from “Moyer’s Superior Method for Plectrum Banjo”


CammeyerPLEC Banjo – some plectrum arrangements (by Rob MacKillop), in TAB, – see my Scores page:

Flirtation by Budd L. Cross

Lazy Rhythm by Bert Bassett

Sparklets by Walter E. Miles

More videos and discussion, scores, etc, to come…

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