Vikki and Rob – Blues Duo

I heard Muddy Waters for the first time when I was 13 years old, and for my 14th birthday my family bought me a four-record box set of blues classics. I played the groove right out of those LPs, especially the side devoted to Muddy Waters. Soon after I bought Hard Again, Muddy’s great ‘come back’ album, with Johnny Winter playing and producing. I’ve loved the blues ever since, and I relish every opportunity I get to play it.

I met Vikki Elliot through my job at Queen Margaret University, and soon realised what a natural blues singer she was. Her enthusiasm for the music of Bonnie Raitt was infectious. Vikki sang ‘Mighty Fine Woman’ and ‘Finest Lovin Man’ with the QMU Blues Band. Recently we decided to work as a duo, and we got together for our first rehearsal. Things were going so well, I suggested we video it, and I’m glad we did. Although far from perfect, it gives some idea of what we are about. Hope you like the videos…and we are available for gigs!

Finest Lovin Man:

The Thrill Is Gone:

Ain’t No Sunshine:

Mighty Fine Woman:


Empty Bed Blues: 

3 thoughts on “Vikki and Rob – Blues Duo”

  1. Pete Hannon said:

    Hey Rob,

    I really liked you and Vicki doing Ain’t No Sunshine. Singing from within and lovely guitar. It is hard to find the words to successfully praise a person whose capabilities far exceed your own but on this and the Ambridge YouTube vids, the “simplicity” is beguilingly beautiful.


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