Scottish Early Ragtime Orchestra

In August, 2012, the Scottish Early Ragtime Orchestra played its first and last gig to a packed house – people were actually turned away at the door:

Venue 40, Quaker Meeting House, Edinburgh, as part of the Edinburgh Festivals. – 23 August 2012

Personnel, left to right in the videos:

John Duffy, cello banjo, Jenny Phizaclea, cello, Sarah Phizaclea, clarinet, Rob MacKillop, 1st banjo, Alan Ramsay, 2nd banjo, Alasdair Dewer, banjorine, Cat Campbell, cello banjo

The concert covers four videos, with three or four tunes to each.

1st video: Calliope Rag, The Entertainer, Sunflower Dance

2nd video: Triumph March (with Alan Ramsay on the 1st banjo), A Ragtime Episode, Grace and Beauty

3rd video: Queen of the Burlesque, Peacherine Rag, That Banjo Rag

4th video: Sunflower Slow Drag, Rag Pickings, Berkeley March and an Encore!

There are a number of rehearsal videos also:

And at one point we rehearsed with Eric and Pat Stefanelli, who came over from France to play with us. Eric made banjos for me and Alan Ramsay, as well as his own and his wife’s. Both musicians are seriously good, and it was an honour to play with them.

And a very early rehearsal, followed by an appearance at a private students’ party:

The, The, The, That’s all, folks!


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