I have two photography sites:

Babelsberg – Art shots on a site shared with other artists. Click the Play button to initiate the slide show.

imagesRM – an occasional blog for my images

4 thoughts on “Photography”

  1. Hi Rob. I have seen a photograph that you shared on leica forum , of a cello among other pictures:. I am an x musician and photo amateur (now a psychologist and creative psychotherapeut) and I want to explore photo as art expression (not documentary). I appreciate your paintery photos. Is it possible to give me a hint of how you manage to create the abstract, dreamy-like photos – as the cello picture in color? I understand it needs time to master, but if it is possible to say some words or give me some references to article or book or web siste which can give me a start to explore this way of using the photo as art tool? Warm regards Jan Sjøberg, Norway

    • Hi Jan. There are two stages: taking and editing. When I took the cello photos I moved the camera deliberately – you can experiment with speed and direction until you get something you like. Sometimes it works well, other times not so well. I edit in Lightroom 6, but any photo editor will be able to do this: I saturated the colours a little, and then increased Clarity, sort of sharpening the edges to bring out more form. And that was all I did. I don’t do much editing, often nothing at all, but spend more time getting the shot right in the first place. I don’t know any books that deal with this technique specifically. I hope this helps? Rob

      • Jan Sjøberg said:

        Thank you for answer, Rob. You give me something to try out and experiment with. I have not started editing in Lightroom yet, but I understand it gives opportunities too. And I think that the techniques are only tools – its your artistic eye that in the end creates these impressive photos you make. Jan

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