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Michael Gee 7-String Classical Guitar. See REVERB site:



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Mandolin Books for Sale

Postage to be added to any prices shown. Contact:

01. Favourite Mandolin Solos from the 18th Century, ed. Alison Stephens – £5

02. Exploring Classical Mandolin – Technique and Repertoire – by August Waters – £10

03. The Mandolin – A History, by Graham McDonald (400 pages, profusely illustrated, good text) – £15

04. The Mandolin Game, by Keith David Harris – £15

05. SOLD

06. SOLD

07. New Solos for Classical Mandolin – Concert Repertoire for Practice & Performance, by August Waters – £7

08. Progressive Melodies for Mandocello – 40 Studies in Sight Reading and Technical Development, by August Waters – £8

09. Technische Studien für Mandoline, by Marga Wilden-Hüsgen – £8

10. Technique on Eight Strings – Etüden für Mandoline, Heft 2 (Upper Level), by Gertrud Tröster – £7

11. Easy Classical Mandolin Tunes for Kids, by Rob MacKillop (pub. Mel Bay – new) – £7

12. Easy Popular Mandolin Tunes for Kids, by Rob MacKillop (pub. Mel Bay – new) – £7

Flamenco Guitar Books for Sale

Postage to be added to prices shown. Contact:

01. Flamenco Guitar by Ivor Mairants – “A Complete Method for playing flamenco”. Mint Condition. – £7

02. Sold

03. Sold

04. Sold

05. Sold

06. Solos Flamencos by Juan Martín – 42 Progressively Graded Solos, with CD and DVD – £10

07. Harmonising Flamenco from the Guitar, Volume 1, by Claude Worms – £15

08. Entre Dos Aguas by Paco de Lucia – transcriptions (Seemsa edition) – £15

09. El genio de Niño Ricardo (Transcribed by Alain Faucher) – £15

10. Flamenco Guitar Rhythmic Method Volume 1 by David Leiva (very good basic method with CD) – £10

11. Flamenco Guitar Rhythmic Method Volume 2 by David Leiva (very good basic method with CD) – £10

12. The Keys To Flamenco Guitar – Dennis Koster (includes CD) – £12

Gypsy Jazz Books for Sale

Postage to be added to prices shown. Contact:

01. Gypsy Picking by Michael Horowitz – A Tutorial for Gypsy Jazz style plectrum guitar technique – with CD – published by Django Books – £18

02. Gypsy Rhythm – Volume 1 – A Tutorial for Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Guitar – with THREE CDs – published by Django Books  – £20

03. Sold

Other Music Books for Sale

Postage to be added to prices shown. Contact:

01. The Essential Jaco Pastorius (pub. Hal Leonard) – £8


25 thoughts on “For Sale”

  1. Hi Rob, It is Alan. I commented on you YouTube site previously. I hate to ask you opinion but what do you think of the Aria A19C-200N. It is a small ‘parlor’ size classical and think I might like it. I would appreciate your thoughts. If you remember, I play violins and such and was at an early time in my life a ‘guitar banger’ and now want to apply my fingers and brain to the guitar… playing… writing. I love Bach… baroque… etc. and of course some folk… So if you can tell me thoughts about this Aria A19C-200N… would appreciate.

    • A student turned up with one one day. It was well made, somewhere between a Panormo and a Torres. Quiet, mellow sound. That’s all I can remember.

      • Oh, Thanks for the response. Mellow is nice (for me). I will let you know how the journey goes.

      • said:

        Hi Rob,I ordered the Aria A19C-200N-N, a ‘parlor’ size classical. The only real criticism I could find was that the lacquer was heavy. That being the case, I have a violin (the best one I have ever found and played) made in 1988 by a mandolin maker (now deceased) with an interesting low cut bridge and very heavy ‘glossy’ finish. I have ordered several of the Aquila string set to experiment with the sound when the guitar comes. I also ordered your ‘The Scottish Guitar: 40 Scottish Tunes For Fingerstyle Guitar (Book/Cd).’ I rather love playing the Bach Suites and Scottish tunes on the ‘fiddle.’ I am a ‘guitar banger’ of many years… but as many with the guitar players I never applied my brain to reading… now I want to do that so I embark on this journey. I have thought of perhaps at some point lessens (from you). But I am a true beginner on this instrument although I have played many other strings. I have always loved composition (especially counterpoint) and think perhaps leaning to read and then attempting to write at the same time might be a pathway to enhanced leaning. I just thought to share this new journey that this old(er) fellow was taking and let you know that I have appreciated what I have already learned from you.   Kindness,Alan  

      • Cheers, Alan. Good luck for your journey into guitar playing. One day we could do a Skype lesson, perhaps.

      • said:

        Hi Rob,It’s Alan. I wrote this previous email to you last year. I just got a guitar circa 1860 which is 60cm nut to bridge which I am very much looking forward to its arrival (tomorrow). Here are a few snaps. I had previous ordered two sets of Aquila Ambra 2000 and two sets Aquila Rubino. The guitar has bridge pins. Is there a special knot I tie at one end of each string for below the pin as no ball is on them? By the way, the Aria guitar I played very little… it sat in the closet only for me to recently discover the top finger board is spitting all over the place. It is a nice 62cm nut to bridge guitar… but am very disappointed in this. It is fortunately under warrantee… so I will see how Aria deals with this… that whole affair is in process. I am loving the Sor book and the videos you have produced. Again, I am an ex-trumpet player from my early school days… as a teenager a guitar banger / picker… at 30 I took ‘cello lessons played… ten more year or so until I gave my niece my ‘cello… then into violas and violins… but, the sound of the classical guitar and the ability to utilize it write wonderful simple counterpoint it my present direction. I love learning to read the music. A teacher once told me “think with you brain not your hands.” So, I figured you might give me a tip on knot tying for these strings and guitar? I am inspired by your work… Many thanks,Alan  

      • said:

        Rob… not sure this text question got through… I had previous ordered two sets of Aquila Ambra 2000 and two sets Aquila Rubino. The guitar has bridge pins. Is there a special knot I tie at one end of each string for below the pin as no ball is on them? Thanks,Alan

      • Alan, the Aria A19C-200N-N has a tie-string bridge. It sounds like you have the steel-strung variety, which does indeed come with a pin bridge. You’d better check that out. You say “here are a few snaps” but I can’t see anything. Good luck with Aria!

      • I have written and confused! The Aria indeed has tie ends. The fingerboard on it has split. Its warrantee is in process. The other guitar I wrote about is circa 1860. It has a replaced mustache bridge on it with pins, but otherwise, is all original and quite nice. The size nut to bridge is 60cm… Can I use the Aquila Ambra 2000 and/or the Rubino strings on it (having no ball ends). Is there a knot one ties for under each bridge pin? Sent a few pictures of the guitar but you did not get them. Not sure if there is a way to send pictures. Hoping you might give me insight to use these strings on it. Again,
        you have been helpful in my journey and inspire…

      • said:

        I apologize for the confusion. The Aria (played little) is defective per the fingerboard. It is in process with the Aria folks to replace or fix it. Now, I recently bought a guitar circa 1860’s or so… all original… no crack or splits. It had been restored professionally with bridge being replaced (mustache type) which has pins. The nut to bridge string length is a mere 60cm. Excited to get it (tomorrow). I would like to use one of the four set of Aquila strings (non ball end strings) on it that I have previously purchased. It this possible? I would think there is a knot that one ties under each string to go under each pin?Uneducated? Yes, but learning. Your thinking would be helpful. I wanted to send a few snaps of the guitar but they didn’t transfer to you website.Thank for any help you might give… Kindly,Alan       

      • Ah, okay. Just tie a knot in the end of the string. It has to be small enough to get through the bridge hole, but large enough not to come out when the pin is inserted. It is not the best design ever!

  2. Rob I am wondering what make and model guitar you are playing for the Mickey Baker videos? It is the sunburst single cut away with a floating bridge. I can’t quite see the entire head stock. It looks and sounds beautiful. Thanks

    • Hi Don. That’s a cheap Asian thing, by a company called Vintage. I hope that helps. Cheers. Good luck trying to search for “Vintage archtop”! I wish they had used a different name!

  3. Robert Bollert said:

    Hello Mr. MacKillop, We exchanged messages about your Javier Hernandez Luthier Model. What price are you asking? Sincerely, Robert

    • Hi Robert. It’s not certain that I will be selling it. If I do, it will be £2,200.00 plus shipping. They cost £3,200 new now, and it’s in excellent condition, and only six months old. Original case included.

      • Robert Bollert said:

        Hi Mr. MacKillop. I am sure you will have many people interested in your lovely guitar at that price. If you do sell, please inform me or include me in whatever selling process you determine is the way to go. I am a lowly adjunct professor. My goal is to buy one beautiful classical guitar this year that will last for life. All good things, Robert P.S. Thank you for all of your ukulele books. I believe i have them all. Today I saw your new Mandolin books for children-congratulations- so now I will probably buy a mandolin and be driven out of the house and into the garden. Not so bad, actually:)

  4. alandanalewis said:

    It’s Alan,
    I admire all you have done in this world of music. As likely you do not remember. I am 69 years. I spent my life in a career that has no personal meaning for me. That said, I now turn in my later years to my friend, music. I have just got a wonderful restored John Preston 10-sting. I do not utilize nails or pics…. just my fingers. I am used to playing with finger (flesh) with mostly Aquila strings. The Preston is steal string and require a significantly light touch. If I press to hard the notes bend near a half pitch. I am fine with this. In you opinion, can the Preston be played with the finger flesh? I don’t use flat picks.
    P.S. I have it tuned to ADGCEA and not the CGECGE

    • Yes, you can use flesh on anything. The tuning you propose will not work. It is designed for CEGceg, and is not happy with anything else. So, I can’t help you.

      • alandanalewis said:

        Thank you! The feedback is a guidepost and much appreciated. So, it will not work? Can you help me then so it can have a ‘happy’ voice. So, I should tune it CGECGE and with what strings?

      • alandanalewis said:

        Thanks again. So, if I am to tune it to CGEcge. What strings do you recommend for It.

  5. alandanalewis said:


  6. alandanalewis said:

    I meant CEGceg. So, if I tune this way… what strings?
    Thank you for any help,

    • Bad news: there are no available sets. I had to ask a harpsichord maker to make me the brass strings. He said he’d do it once, but never again, and they are still on the instrument 25 years later! Honestly, I can’t help you. You need to talk to a string specialist, tell them the string length, pitch and material. Steel for the first two strings, then soft rose brass for the remainder. That’s what I have. I don’t know the gauges.

  7. Keep up all your great and the good work Rob. Your Mickey Baker vids look a great help. Just re bought the book 2nd hand again after decades. Was out with K Macleod the other night and we were discussing you & your playing. Best John.

    • Hi John. Nice to hear from you. Where would we be if we’d stuck in with Mickey Baker all those years ago? For me it is now 50 year since I bought Volume 1. Still digging. Take care, John, and say hi to Kevin!

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