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Conditions of purchase:

1. Buyer pays shipping and insurance

2. Payment – by cheque, in which case I will wait for the money to clear before shipping; or by bank transfer; or by PayPal if buyer pays for paypal charges. Books by PayPal only.



None at present.



Postage – £3 per book for UK Buyers. Elsewhere, please ask first: Pay by PayPal ONLY

NONE At Present…


Camera Equipment for sale

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7 thoughts on “For Sale”

  1. Hi Rob, It is Alan. I commented on you YouTube site previously. I hate to ask you opinion but what do you think of the Aria A19C-200N. It is a small ‘parlor’ size classical and think I might like it. I would appreciate your thoughts. If you remember, I play violins and such and was at an early time in my life a ‘guitar banger’ and now want to apply my fingers and brain to the guitar… playing… writing. I love Bach… baroque… etc. and of course some folk… So if you can tell me thoughts about this Aria A19C-200N… would appreciate.

    • A student turned up with one one day. It was well made, somewhere between a Panormo and a Torres. Quiet, mellow sound. That’s all I can remember.

      • Oh, Thanks for the response. Mellow is nice (for me). I will let you know how the journey goes.

      • said:

        Hi Rob,I ordered the Aria A19C-200N-N, a ‘parlor’ size classical. The only real criticism I could find was that the lacquer was heavy. That being the case, I have a violin (the best one I have ever found and played) made in 1988 by a mandolin maker (now deceased) with an interesting low cut bridge and very heavy ‘glossy’ finish. I have ordered several of the Aquila string set to experiment with the sound when the guitar comes. I also ordered your ‘The Scottish Guitar: 40 Scottish Tunes For Fingerstyle Guitar (Book/Cd).’ I rather love playing the Bach Suites and Scottish tunes on the ‘fiddle.’ I am a ‘guitar banger’ of many years… but as many with the guitar players I never applied my brain to reading… now I want to do that so I embark on this journey. I have thought of perhaps at some point lessens (from you). But I am a true beginner on this instrument although I have played many other strings. I have always loved composition (especially counterpoint) and think perhaps leaning to read and then attempting to write at the same time might be a pathway to enhanced leaning. I just thought to share this new journey that this old(er) fellow was taking and let you know that I have appreciated what I have already learned from you.   Kindness,Alan  

      • Cheers, Alan. Good luck for your journey into guitar playing. One day we could do a Skype lesson, perhaps.

  2. Rob I am wondering what make and model guitar you are playing for the Mickey Baker videos? It is the sunburst single cut away with a floating bridge. I can’t quite see the entire head stock. It looks and sounds beautiful. Thanks

    • Hi Don. That’s a cheap Asian thing, by a company called Vintage. I hope that helps. Cheers. Good luck trying to search for “Vintage archtop”! I wish they had used a different name!

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