Rob MacKillop

Guitar and Ukulele Seminar – Edinburgh

In Music on May 24, 2013 at 6:32 am

I’ll be giving two seminars at the first Edinburgh Guitar and Music Festivals.

Saturday 25 May – Fingerstyle for all styles

In this workshop I’ll be looking at how people have played fingerstyle over the years, the changing styles and techniques, and how their technique affected the music they played. I will also perform some classical guitar, some ragtime, as well as my own arrangements of Scottish music in Open D tuning.

Monday 27 May – Ukulele for Guitarists

I will introduce the family of ukuleles, the techniques used, a little background history, and perform lots of items from my seven ukulele fingerstyle books.

Hope to see you there. See the Festival website for details.


  1. Wish I’d known about this in advance – would have loved to come. Sounds very interesting. Sorry I can’t make it Rob.

    Hope it goes well. Regards Stuart


  2. Hi Rob–

    Thanks for the email with link to your photos. I do a bit myself ( mostly for reference for later studio drawing or plant identification efforts. ). You are quite good and very creative.

    I have been working with your Sanz book for ukulele for about a year now. I am a beginner on uke. I initially focused on quantity but now I need to slow down, and back up and try to do it more nicely. What’s the rush after all? My wife has taken up the recorder again, and I wonder if there are any pieces we might play together, that you might know of, or barring that can you suggest a simple rule or two how I might write a part for her? I am sure you are a busy man, and I have no expectation to impose on you.

    My dad was born in Hangingshaw, near Glasgow. Do you know it? Thanks in advance.

    Be Well!

    Henry Aitchison

    • There’s no rush, indeed. Recorder and uke would be a good combo. I can’t think of any publication per se, but you I vaguely remember a recorder book of variations on ‘grounds’, which are repetitive chord sequences, which you could strum, arpeggiate, mess around with, while she plays the recorder part. You’ll have to do your own search for that online. Best of luck!

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