Time is flying by, so I should take stock of what has happened this year.

I had some fun with a guitar by Michael Nalysnyk of http://www.historicalguitars.co.uk. He made a copy of a Lacote guitar, the type favoured by Fernando Sor. So, I made a few videos of Sor’s music on this beautiful instrument (which is on loan from Michael – many thanks!)

You can view all these videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/RobMacKillop/videos?view=1

I also added a few more to my Mickey Baker Jazz Guitar book series, including:

And a very beautiful arrangement from 1950s, by Barry Galbraith, of Lerner and Loewe’s “I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face”


As usual, I’m getting torn between different styles, instruments, periods, but life would be tedious otherwise. I love all the music I play, therfore there is no problem. I’d like to do more jazz, maybe working with a singer.

I’ve also made more contributions to my http://www.ScottishLute.com project – see the updates page.

Photography is a fairly serious hobby with me now, and I’m halfway through an Open University course in Digital Photography. You can see some of my efforts here:


The next few months? Stay tuned…