Rob MacKillop

DADGAD Blues – New Book & Audio

In Music on August 3, 2016 at 10:40 pm



The third in my series of DADGAD books for Mel Bay Publications is dedicated to the Blues!

I’m really proud of this one folks, so please don’t miss out. The book is available as a paper copy, and also as an eBook from here:

Here’s promo video, where I play through a few pieces:

Here are some of the soundfiles:

The standard goes from Easy to Intermediate, knocking on the door of Advanced.

Eventually it will be available from your local music store, and can be ordered through any bookshop that sells Mel Bay products. Any problems getting hold of it, ask me.








  1. Hi Rob,

    Just to let you know – the MelBay website will not allow me to order this outside the USA (I’m in the UK).

    Cheers, David Harbottle

    • Thanks for telling me, David. Can you clarify? Hard copy or download?

    • David, I’ve had the following response from the company:

      We sell eBooks internationally through our website in most countries, however, there are a few countries where we do not.

      If you could give me the email address of the person who tried to order the eBook I would be happy to follow up with them and determine why they were unable to download the eBook.

      I can understand if you don’t want to place your email address here, but if you want you can send it to me privately at robmackillop atgmail dotcom. Or contact Mel Bay directly.

    • David, the following statement on the Mel Bay website does NOT include downloads (I agree it is not obvious)

      “Purchasing on is currently available to U.S. and Canadian customers only”

      Downloads are available world wide, mostly, but hard copies must be purchased from a Mel Bay distributor. A list of distributors can be found here:

      I hope that clears it up?

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