Rob MacKillop

The Easy DADGAD Celtic Guitar Book

In Music on March 27, 2016 at 8:41 am

My latest Mel Bay publication is the first in a series exploring DADGAD tuning on acoustic guitar.



The edition is available as a book or download eBook, with in either case, download soundfiles of my performances of every piece in the book.

Here’s the promo video for the book, where I play a few of the 30 pieces in the book:

Read more about this series on my DADGAD page.

  1. Hi Rob, DADGAD guitar book looks interesting. Do you think the direction for me to develop into?

    I believe I jab a lesson booked for tomorrow at 10:30am. Do you agree?

    Can I borrow a guitar from you for the lesson?


    Sent from my iPad


    • I think it would be good for you, Lachie. I also have a DADGAD Classical Book and a DADGAD Blues Book coming out soon, and I can see you getting something from all three books, given your previous studies.

      Yes, and yes!

  2. They sound great. I’ve been learning tunes from arty Mcglynns solo album and dick gaughans coppers and brass. I really enjoy listening to and playing trad tunes on the guitar they’re challenging but good fun. I never realised it went back that far. I thought doc watson was the instigator.

    • LOL. It goes WAY back. I know what you mean, though. Most people in Scotland still think the guitar first appeared in Scotland with Skiffle. I’ve traced the guitar in Scotland back to the medieval period. The earliest-surviving Scottish lute manuscript comes circa 1604, and contains traditional music. The first Scottish publication for the guitar comes from Edinburgh in 1759, and it’s full of traditional tunes in an open-chord tuning (C major).

  3. Fabulous Rob. You are an inspiration. Your dedication to learning, teaching and sharing your studies in Sor, plectrum style and now these traditional tunes is fantastic.

  4. I asked the local music store to order it and really like it! Thanks!

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