Rob MacKillop

New Scores-For-Sale Page!

In Music on March 18, 2015 at 2:58 pm

I’ve added a new page HERE for selling pdf scores, many of which I’ve worked with for years. They are the product of two decades of researching, arranging, recording and typesetting. I’ve kept the prices VERY low.

Feel free to fill your boots on the way to the checkout!

Various instruments are included, and a short extract can be seen for each publication.

I’m using SELLFY for PDF distribution. Just click “BUY” and you will be asked by them to pay via your PayPal account. Then the pdf will be automatically delivered to you. It should only take a minute or two.

More scores to come, so do return.

  1. Rob, I just bought the Machete Tab book, looks most intriguing. Wanted to ask a question re the Sanz book. I tried several of the pieces on an 8 string tenor uke I have. Have you tried that on an 8 string? Just curious. Thanks for the new book. I am sure I will enjoy it!

    • Hi Jean. No, I’ve never played an 8-string. I’d love to hear you playing the Sanz on it, after all, the original guitar Sanz used was double-strung.
      I hope you enjoy the machete book too – lots of interesting pieces in there, though not all easy.
      Bets wishes,


  2. Another musical experiment…. so noting the tuning in the Machete TAB Book vol. 1 that I purchased online through your link, I tuned my baritone uke to that tuning and enjoyed playing the Waltzes. That’s as far as I have dared to play so far. Re my 8 string uke- it’s a Kala Gloss Mahogany uke I bought years ago for about $190 US $ and I play a Kala baritone also. So that was GREAT to find this and I look forward to the online music books.
    I would not dare play online! Etc. I play to keep this old brain active and enjoyment! It also helps me while away the winter hours of my job-when there are some quiet hours during the slow times of the year. Right now it is anything but slow at work! So thanks again and I hope others buy the book. I think Selfy or Selfie – should allow more than two hours before sending a link requesting feedback on your book!

    • Thanks, Jean. I didn’t know that Selfy sent out a request for a review. I’d rather they waited a month, or not hassle people at all. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, though there will nothing I can do about it.
      Before I got my machete, I turned my Concert uke into one by adding a low-octave 4th string, and tuning the first string down a tone. Worked fine. I imagine the baritone would sound great, though some of the stretches might be a bit much for some.
      Good luck, Jean!

  3. Thanks and to use a concert uke would make more sense- I stuck with the easier pieces. I may try that-I have never tried a concert sized uke before- -or I may try it on my soprano. I have shorter fingers so I ” cheat and leap” ( from fret to fret) at times.Thanks so much for the invaluable insight.

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