Rob MacKillop

Bach on the Cello Banjo

In Music on August 16, 2013 at 8:21 pm

Something a bit unusual, perhaps… Here are two test recordings I’ve done of pieces of cello music by Bach, which I’ve arranged for the Gold Tone Cello Banjo (CEB-4). I think they work really well, and have confirmed my decision to arrange the first three cello suites of Bach for the Tenor and Cello Banjos. The publishing giant, Mel Bay, has agreed to publish the arrangements, and that book will have an accompanying CD.

Here are the two cello banjo performances:

I already recorded the full first cello suite, played on a magnificent Tenor Banjo by Deering, the Eagle II:

  1. From Steve Harrison, Malvern…..Hi Rob, it’s good to see you’re still playing banjo along with all your other musical commitments. I particularly liked the Bach played on cello banjo. I often wonder what JSB would have of it if the banjo had been around when he was composing? A full concerto for banjo ensemble perhaps?

    I’ve been busy with my arranging and have now completed 16 of James Scott’s rags with another 13 to do. If you get a chance, they’re all in the music library on classic-banjo.ning. I’ve put them into the public domain and have no problems with anyone using them if they wish. At my time of life, I can’t be bothered with issues of copyright. If you do get a chance to have a look (together with my other 60 various arrangements) I’d value your opinions and suggestions..all the best..Steve.

  2. Cheers, Steve. Nice of you to share. I do all my own arranging, and try to have a mixture of published works and free sharing, as they often reach different audiences.
    Best wishes,

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