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Plectrum Guitar Videos

In Music on September 12, 2011 at 7:56 am

I have been busy this week making six new videos for my Plectrum Guitar page:

The main source for the scores has been Masters Of The Plectrum Guitar from Mel Bay Publications. This introduced me to the music of Harry Volpe, a name unknown to me before. His music crosses the classical-jazz divide, with much of it published in the 1930s. I have since tracked down (via Abe Books) a couple of old books by him, which should be with me soon.

Mel Bay, himself, turns out to be a fine arranger. Check out his beautiful versions of Sweet Lorraine and Mighty Lak’ A Rose.

Trying to get as much guitar playing in as possible before my new 13-course baroque lute arrives from Malcolm Prior in a week or two…

  1. Dear Mr Mackillop.
    I own practically the same guitar as you do (LH600 Loar) and I wonder what strings you used to produce that beautiful sound playing music of Harry Volpe.I am a jazz rhythm player and use medium bronze strings for that.These sounding more harsh when playing these Volpe pieces.
    kind regards
    Adrian Otte/ The Netherlands

    • Hi Adrian. I just used D’Addario Phosphor Bronze strings, 12s, because that’s all my local store had. I thought they would just be temporary until I got some expensive strings, but I liked the sound, so have kept them.
      The plectrum also has a lot to do with the sound. I use a Gibson Extra Heavy, and often use just the round edge of the plectrum, not the pointed end. Sometimes I use the pointed end to get a different sound.
      I have the action set low, and I have a light touch.

      Hope that helps?

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