Rob MacKillop

The Auld Alliance Banjo Sextet!

In Music on May 23, 2011 at 3:01 pm

On Saturday the Scottish Classic Banjo Quartet was joined by two great banjo players from France, Eric and Pat Stefanelli. Eric made my main classic banjo, as well as his own and his wife’s. We managed to get rehearsal space among the treasure-trove of historical guitars, lutes, citterns and banjos in the Laigh Room, St Cecilia’s Hall, Edinburgh University.

Here are some photos and videos. Comments welcome, and sharing with Facebook, etc… If you can’t see them, go to

  1. Dear Sir: I am writing for information. I have an antique plectrum banjo that belonged to my father. He purchased it in Seattle, WA around the 1920s I believe but I don’t know if it was new or used. I can’t play it because my arms are not long enough and I have small hands though piano fingers I’m told. It’s quite beautiful and the frets are all inlaid mother of pearl and the body is all inlaid wood which must have been quite time consuming as each little piece would have had to be individually laid. The metal work appears gold plated. The tuning pegs are ivory. I love it and it brings very fond memories so its disappointing I can’t play it. But, I’d like to find out its value for insurance purposes. It could never be replaced, but…..! I’m also considering donating it to someplace like the Newberry Library in Chicago upon my death. I don’t think anyone in my extended family plays, and I have no children. I will appreciate any information or assistance you might be able to give.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Karen. Nice to hear from you. Impossible to give a valuation without seeing the instrument. Is there a name on it? Banjos from that era can still be played, so in my opinion it would be a shame to condemn it to a silent demise in a library. But that’s your decision. I suggest you approach the American Banjo Museum in Oklahoma but they would probably require photos before giving a quotation. Best of luck. Rob.

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