Rob MacKillop

In Music on February 19, 2011 at 9:42 am

As part of my master plan to bring all my websites together under one roof, this blog-based website now has the address of  – it is not case sensitive, so will also work. Note that www. is not needed, but no harm will be done if you add it. Feel free to add it to your Favorites, as it will now be my main site, eventually replacing the others.

I will be returning to the lute this year, with a 13-course baroque lute on order with Malcolm Prior, and a 7c lute from Eric Stefanelli. Expect the ‘Lute’ page on this site to grow and grow.

I also have a number of books and CDs being released for banjo and also ukulele. Watch this space.

  1. Hi Rob- impressive website. Saw your note on the lutelist- wondered recently where you had gone off to. Interesting about taking a vacation from the lute- I have been doing a similar thing; been playing almost nothing but Villa-Lobos, Leo Brouwer, and (my fave) Astor Piazzolla for about five months now. Ironic thing is I do it all on an 8 course lute by Dan Larson I got last year- now I am looking for an affordable classical guitar that can be played credibly without nails.

  2. Absolutely! Kind of an accident; got the new Larson 8 course last July, pulled out the old Villa-Lobos Etude #1 as good short cut-exercise to re-establishing thumb-index, thumb under technique. Damned etude actually sounded good; this is an unusually responsive lute. Tried some of the other stuff; also sounded good- and great practice. Some of the Brouwer sounded easy enough, it also works! The Piazzolla is a gift from Heaven. Or Satan. I’ve got three tangos, one milonga, and the “Triston” under or almost under control. Piazzolla has recently grabbed me like no composer since the day I discovered Dowland as a young guitar student. For some pieces, I do run out of neck, fret, and bass resonance. Guess I will need to add a guitar to the stable.

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