My teenage daughter’s generation do not use email, favouring instead communicating via Facebook and Windows Live, while Twitter is also favoured by many. Sharing ‘likes’ has become the new revolution in online usage, with each video, photo or article accompanied by half a dozen or more ‘share icons’. Suddenly my old website looks…well, old. It lacks interaction – the viewer needs to email me any comments, or copy a link to send to a friend. Far too much trouble. Now, all they need to do is click the little Facebook icon, and all their Facebook friends (sometimes hundreds) can view their recommendation.

With that in mind I have turned again to this wordpress blog, and have started thinking about its use and usefulness as a web page. Each blog entry or Page is accompanied by a number of sharing options, plus viewers can easily make comments, interacting with the author and also with anyone else who wishes to comment on the same thing. A dialogue ensues. As a web author, I like and wish to encourage this interaction. My musical activity is often project led, and exploratory, and as such I appreciate feedback and enquiry. I am learning as I go, and some people enjoy going on the journey with me, while some others feel they have knowledge I am lacking and wish to help by pointing me to different resources. All good use of the net.

The ‘Page’ element of this Blog can be very useful. I plan to include introductory information, with links to my other websites for greater depth. I’m not sure if I can easily include here all the info on my other sites – some 15 years of work – into this one site, but we shall see how things develop. It may be a case of having only this one site, with everything brought together and edited for the new online experience. We shall see…your comments, of course, most welcome…