I’ve recently been persuaded of two things:

1. There are some people in the world who would like to financially support my research/videos/websites

2. Having a Go Fund Me page is a) not really a begging bowl, and b) a very secure way of enabling people to contribute any amount, small or large

I’ve never made any profit from my online work, and have not looked for financial gain at all. Like most musicians, I’d be lucky if I ever covered my expenses. Even with your help I doubt I will ever make profit, but hopefully I can cover costs.

Therefore, I have created a Go Fund Me page – website: Fundraiser by Rob MacKillop : Support Rob’s Music

You will see there that I have two reasons for raising money, one short term (a professionally-recorded studio album of the acoustic archtop guitar) the other long term (merely sustaining the not-for-profit work I do). Please note that it asks you to support my music, not me.